TrailerCraft, Inc has been owned and operated by Alaskans since its inception in 1969. Today we are one of the leading truck and transportation industry parts and sales facilities in Alaska. We provide state of the art solutions for your transport, handicap and recreational needs by selective affiliations with proven national franchises.

From our meager beginnings in a Quonset hut on Dowling Road in 1969, we’ve grown and built a brand new, state of the art facility at C Street and 92nd. 

We pride ourselves in the fact that our employees and staff consist of the most knowledgeable and experienced truck and parts salespeople and technicians in Alaska. Many of our employees have been with the company over 15 years.

Since 1994, we’ve also operated under the name Freightliner of Alaska. This separate division of the corporation was established when TrailerCraft, Inc. was named as the only full service Freightliner dealer in the state.

In 2013, we open the doors to our store in Fairbanks. Our initiative for expansion was to increase our footprint in another key Alaskan location to service you fluid, fast and effectively for all of your parts, services and trucking needs.

As you travel throughout the state you can catch a glimpse of our logo on a variety of vehicles and equipment. From State of Alaska Department of Transportation plow and sanding trucks, Blue-Bird school and transport buses, snow plows, utility bodies, truck flat beds, to handicap equipped vehicles and scooters.

To all of our valued customers, old and new, large or small, we vow to provide quality, affordability and reliability with unmatched customer service and support.

You’ll come here first because we have the parts you need, you’ll return again and again because we’ll provide the experience, service and reliability you deserve.