COVID-19 Updates

March 23rd, 2020 @ 3:30p

Despite these hard times, we are working diligently to continue our support of the Alaskan transportation logistics, with parts and services, amid COVID-19. This comes with a few changes as we follow state and federal protocol and CDC health regulations.


We understand that our service is a key function to keeping your truck running smoothly, safely and efficiently on the roads. At a time when getting supplies across this state is most critical, we will continue to work hard on keeping our service department open to service your trucking needs.

  • Hours of Operation: At this time, we are continuing to with our normal operation hours of 7a to Midnight, Monday – Friday and 8a – 5p on Saturday. We will be watching all updates and notifications from the CDC and making protocol changes as needed to stay compliant.

  • Handling Service: We ask that when arriving at TrailerCraft to drop off or receive a serviced vehicle. Please wait back 6 feet from the counter if our staff is currently helping another customer. Our showers and coffee amenities will also be closed at this time as we minimize the spread of the virus.



Parts are just as critical as our service. We’ve continued to stock our parts inventory to ensure that Alaskans have the parts they require to keep Alaska’s supply chain moving forward.

  • Hours of Operation: At this time, we are offering part sales and delivery from the hours of 7a to 5p. We will continue monitoring our 24 hours support number encase of an emergency. You can find our contact information on our website at

  • Handling Service: We ask that you exercise social distancing in our parts department. Please be courtesy and cautious of others. Please wait back 6 feet from the counter if our staff is currently helping another customer. We will work to keep countertops wiped off and door handles clean.

  • Other Information: We will still be offering our parts delivery as needed. To minimize close interactions and exercise social distancing, we ask that all deliveries be made in open spaces, preferably outside of the location in which the part is being delivered.



Sales require personal interaction. We stand by our customer service, but at this time we are limiting meetings and personal interactions with our sales staff. We will continuously monitor email requests and communication as well as phone calls but may not have a staff member in our sales department as we respond to the hunker down request over COVID19.

  • Other Information: For questions, requests or interest in our trucks, vans or plows, please email

We will continue our efforts in monitoring alerts and keeping our customers, clients and vendors up-to-date on any changes we will make in accordance with new and developing information. We will be working with a minimal crew to maximize social distancing. We will be following all federal, state and local COVID-19 requirements to ensure that we do our part to keep our staff and all of Alaska, safe, healthy and moving during this difficult time.