Dedicated to providing superior trucks built to lower your real cost of ownership, Freightliner delivers innovation and reliability, revolutionizing the way you do business.

The NEW Cascadia

An aerodynamic exterior shaped to reduce drag and improve fuel efficiency. Extensive use of weight-saving materials that increases payload. Nationwide after-sale support. Everything about the Freightliner Cascadia®, a cutting-edge on-highway truck, is designed with total cost of ownership in mind. It’s built to maximize bottom lines and build businesses. That what “Run Smart” is all about. To learn more about this industry leading on-highway truck.

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Cascadia Evolution

The Cascadia Evolution builds on the technologies of our previous on-highway truck models – engine efficiency, advanced aerodynamics, fleet management tools – to deliver up to a 7% increase in fuel economy over our first-generation EPA 2010-compliant Cascadia model.

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M2 106

​The M2 106 is the truck of choice for a variety of applications — from pickup and delivery to utility to towing. The M2 106 is considered a top medium duty truck for sale due to its exceptional flexibility, efficiency and maneuverability. Designed with a spacious, ergonomic interior, and a variety of other smart features, the M2 106 keeps drivers comfortable so they stay productive all day long.

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M2 112

The M2 112 is the truck of choice for a variety of applications — from regional haul to urban food and beverage delivery. This model is a leader in medium duty truck sales because of its exceptional flexibility, efficiency and maneuverability.

Whether it’s delivering beverages or picking up freight, your truck needs to make it through the day, every day. That’s why so many businesses choose the M2 112.

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With the 108SD, you get powerful, fuel-efficient engines, multiple PTO options, and a chassis engineered for weight-optimized design. We provide strong and multifaceted equipment to ensure optimal heavy duty trucking performance.

Severe duty construction, combined with a steel-reinforced aluminum cab, make the 108SD sturdy and durable enough for a hard day’s work. For many days to come.

The ergonomic design of the cab interior, as well as comfort and convenience features, help operators stay productive and efficient throughout the day.

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Your choice of strong, fuel-efficient engines, multiple PTO options, a chassis engineered for ease of upfit, and a weight optimized design make the 114SD the heavy haul truck for the toughest tasks.

With tough components like a heavy-duty frame, a steel-reinforced aluminum cab and extremely flexible specifications, the 114SD platform outperforms others in heavy duty truck sales because it is ready to endure the most demanding jobs.

Comfortable drivers get the job done more efficiently. From a quieter cab to ergonomically placed controls, the 114SD cab was designed to make the driver more comfortable and productive.

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The 122SD is built for severe duty inside and out. So throw everything you’ve got at it. The 122SD is one of our heavy duty trucks for sale that can handle the demands of your toughest job site.

The interior of the 122SD cab is designed so everything can be controlled from the driver’s seat. And that’s a comfortable place to be. Just visit our showroom, ask about the heavy duty trucks for sale, and we’ll show you how it’s done.

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Freightliner Glider

The Next Best Thing to a New Truck!

A glider gives you everything a new truck offers except for two of the three main driveline components
You can either recapitalize any of these from your existing unit or spec a factory-installed remanufactured engine or new rear axle

Every factory-installed component on a Glider is covered by Freightliner’s New Truck Warranty.

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